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The purpose of the Marlin Club is to maintain a free, certified marlin and fish weigh station for the angling public of San Diego and their guests: and also promote sportsmanship and sport angling competition among club members.

From: Bradford Stiles <>
Date: October 24, 2014 at 11:38:44 PM MDT
Subject: Bisbee's Day Three recap: 2-2-1, and the 1 counted!

Final day of fishing. This is the big one boys (movie quote, please; first correct responder gets a margarita on me). The 396# fish caught the first day was "voluntarily withdrawn", for "hand lining" the fish. That meant that the 385# fish was the one to beat. Another "horrible" day here: flat, sunny, no wind. This must be heaven.

The plan was to go down to the same place as yesterday, which meant running to The Cabo San Lucas Harbor in the morning, then running north up the Sea of Cortez for an hour before dropping in the jigs. If we caught a qualifying fish, we would then have to run all the way back to Cabo for weigh in. To be on the safe side, we fueled up at 6am at San Jose Del Cabo. Good thing.

I was in the third and final rotation spot today for the chair (with 45 minute shifts...that's about as long as you can last in the sun). I got in the chair for my first shift, and not a minute later the starboard rigger pops. The line starts peeling off and about 10 seconds later the surface of the water explodes. Out pops a blue marlin. Right kind, but at first look it seemed that it was pushing 300# (minimum for qualifying), but probably a bit shy. A second jump towards the boat about 15 seconds later and the jig was spit. 1-1-0. Keep trolling (none of the lines had been cleared because it happened so fast).

The day wore on with the sun beating down and no wind. Glass flat seas. In the early afternoon the whiskey line goes off. Young David was in the chair, but unfortunately (for our tournament hopes) it wasn't a marlin. Fortunately (for our bellies), it was a 30# wahoo. Dinner! And we just finished eating it before I started this recap. Delicious!

The afternoon dragged on and no other bites. We did hear of two fish boated earlier in the morning, but no other keepers since, although a number of releases. I finished my last time in the chair and elder statesman Dennis took over with one hour of fishing left in the tournament. He was in the chair for about 10 minutes when the port short flat line with a Joe Yee pearl head lure starts to peel out line. I was on the flying bridge and looked back, saw nothing, then the line stopped running out and the lure reappeared. A miss?

But a couple of seconds later, mama marlin popped up behind the lure. "Marlin!", I yelled down to the cockpit. First mate Fernando threw the reel in free spool to drop the lure, then slammed it in gear and it was "Fish on!"

With the flat seas, we worked the fish hard. Twenty minutes later, we had the leader in hand. First swipe with the large flying gaff was a foul tip, bouncing off the hard shoulder. The fish made another run. Five minutes later , Trino the deck hand had leader in hand. Fernando tried burying the big flying gaff in the marlin's shoulder again, only to have it bounce off. I was there this time with the smaller flying gaff and had a clean shot at the soft belly, so I took it. Solid hit. The fish was ours. Off to Cabo for weigh in.

About 3/4 of the way back in, the port engine turbo blew, so we limped back into port. A bit of a wait as there were two boats ahead of us to weigh in fish. One was a local charter boat (Gaviota fleet) but it was a non qualifying fish. The other was a big Bertram 63 footer, the "Sporty Game", and they were in the daily jackpots across the board. We heard on the radio that their fish weighed 337#. And we knew they were in the daily jackpots across the board. That was the fish to beat for the big money.

We tied up at the dock and then it was our time time to weigh in. The fish was loaded on to a dolly, then it was the long walk down the embarcadero to the stage and official weigh in. It was an unbelievable scene. There were hundreds of people lining the walkway, and as we passed they all pressed tightly behind, trying to jockey for position for the weigh in. The weigh in stage is fenced off, and once we made it through the thongs of people, we felt a sense of relief but also of anticipation. We heard many people marvel and comment on the size of the fish, and our hopes swelled, as we knew that these people have been watching the weigh-ins. The moment of truth (and hope) was upon us.

The fish was raised up, Wayne Bisbee was on the microphone. Pulses were racing and sweat was starting to bead on hopeful brows. Then the announcement came. 328#. A qualifying fish, but 10 pounds short of the daily (three days rolled over) jackpot. 10 pounds short of $450,00! They say that the last ten pounds is the hardest to lose, but I believe it's the hardest to gain! But it was good enough for a current 3rd place overall. there was one more fish out there, however, being hooked in the late afternoon and taking three hours to reel in. Could it bump us further down the board?

We made it back to San Jose Del Cabo, cleaned up and went to the hotel restaurant where we had earlier dropped our fresh wahoo for preparation. At dinner, while dining on fresh wahoo sashimi and blackened and grilled wahoo tacos (again, heaven), we learned that the last fish weighed in at 304#. Third overall place was secured!!!! The margaritas began flowing.

Tomorrow will be a clean up day. Sleep in, leisurely breakfast, clean up the boat, then off to Cabo for the Bisbee's Award Party. I believe we get a little payout for third place overall. Hopefully enough to cover our expenses, but it hurts a little knowing we were only 10# short of nearly 1/2 million dollars! Talk is already of revenge next year! Victory will be ours!

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