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The purpose of the Marlin Club is to maintain a free, certified marlin and fish weigh station for the angling public of San Diego and their guests: and also promote sportsmanship and sport angling competition among club members.

From Brad Stiles on the Endeavor
Bisbee's report Day 2: 1-1-1 - 10/23/14

After a good night's sleep (even though the SF Giants lost game 2), it was up early and on the boat by 5:30 to make the run down to Cabo and the start line. A Princess cruise ship came into the harbor as we were all starting to jockey for position. Luckily he made it through before the start flare was shot off.

Today we made a run to Captain Ken's "honey hole", a 75 minute balls to the wall run up the Sea of Cortez side near Bairilles. Another calm, sunny and warm day. It sure beats work. Again the big marlin jigs went into the water.

The morning came and the morning went without any bites. I got into the chair for my second rotation of the day and two minutes into my shift, the short port flat rod starts peeling off line. We look back  the fish starts to jump, and it's the right kind, a blue marlin! Finally!!!

The fish was on one of the bigger 130# outfits, so he man of the universe here starts to work it hard. I had the leader to the boat in 8 minutes!

Hoohrah! But there was a reason. He wasn't big enough. We estimated 225-250# (Captain Ken said 150, I said 125). But we were all pretty sure it wouldn't qualify (300#) minimum. So we released it. And that was it for the day, the rest of the time was just a nice boat ride.

Two fish were boated and weighed in, one being 275# and penalized, the other being 385#, but not in our side pot category. So for us, it's a three day roll over worth about $450,000! Come to Papa! Hopefully that big one will show up for us tomorrow.

The Marlin Club's 2nd Annual
Lobsta-Pallooza Hoop Net Tournament

October 24th and 25th

The Marlin Club Is Joining the Parade of Lights
December 14th and 21st.  Procession starts about 5:30-6PM.
Please contact the office, email or phone, if you are interested and if you have a boat you want to use.
Sign up information needed: Name, which dates you want to participate, phone, email, # of people, do you have a boat you want to enter?
If you do can you carry extra people?

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October 4th and 5th

Marlin #1 - Bob Woodard - Striped Marlin
Tuna #1 - Jon Wilson
Tuna #2 - Bert Williams

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